Facebook Buys The Studio Behind Hit VR Game Beat Saber

Facebook on Tuesday said it is buying the  studio behind hit VR game Beat Saber as it looks to expand virtual reality technology to wider audiences.But  did not disclose financial terms of the deal to Beat Games . The virtual reality studio join Oculus Studio.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber VR Games

Beat Saber is one of the most popular and hit virtual reality games. In the game all players swing virtual sabers at coming blocks in sync with music . The  game name is Guitar Hero and this is most popular game. This game is available on Oculus store.The game price on the Oculus store is $29.99 and Beat saber will continue to support all game platforms

Beat Saber Top VR Games

Beat Saber is listed among the top virtual reality games across a number of different industry publications and Bat Saber VR games has sold more than 1 million copies.Virtual reality games after launching in March 2018 it was one of the top 12 games of the year by gross revenue on the game store run by StreamVR. The games can in top most popular described as Fruit Ninja and Guitar Hero.

Beta Launch

Facebook is planing to set for a beta launch in 2020 and Facebook give hinted in game studios video

 VR Studio

Oculus Studios is getting a team of VR veterans.VR studio continue to operate independently Because The Oculus Studio all publisher is promising continue to Operate independently. Beat Games resurce providing Facebook with VR content

Oculus Studio

Oculus has funded a lot of Rift but this acquisition of a cross platform game is not part of its usual strategy and The other Big companies have done and Google, which effectively has no Virtual Reality hardware branch

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