PUBG Mobile Season 10 Arriving on November 9 With New Skins

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Arriving on November 9 With New Skins

PUBG Mobile Season 10

There is Good News For All Pubg Gamers as a new season 10 of Pubg Mobile releasing date announced via a tweet on the game’s offical Twitter handle and Pubg Season 10 Arrive on November .pubg game update in game you don’t go to play store to download pubg update file.

Pubg Season 10 to the leaks. The upcoming season 10 of the Royal Paas will add more missions and The Theme of Pubg Mobile Season 10 will be Fury of the Wasteland.

Pubg Season 10 What’s new

MrGhostGaming  has been sharing details on the new Pubg Season update.The New Map come in Pubg Mobile and this new map come with a Team Deathmatch. New Gun Include a MP5K and This gun is Submachine gun with 9mm ammo and a new vehicle come in Pubg Mobile And A new vehicle name Zima and this is a hatchback car it is an off-road vehicle. And new chat model , New emotes etc. Come with a new  season and new Skins for parachutes, M249, and M416 assault rifle are incoming. The fans may expect to see Erangle 2.0.

Pubg Season 10 Royal Passes

Pubg Season 10 Elite Pass cost 600UC to players.and Elite upgrade plus pass cost 1800UC to players.

PUBG New Emotes

Pubg Season 10 added two new emotes. Enovy of death and Masked Psychic.

Pubg: Player Unknown Battleground

200 Million Pubg Mobile Downloaders

(Fortnite Also End finished season 10 and Fortnite also release season 11 and Call of Duty aslo update game and change airbone chip and Call of duty airbone chip event Available on November 6 and encourage players to report cheaters )

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