Stadia Google | Google Stadia Launch Date November 19

Google Stadia

Stadia is a streaming service. When we can you much we’ll pay and if you get started with the exciting new service then price is 128$ for a hardware starter kit with three months of premium service and 10$  month afterward. Stadia will Launch on November 19th in 14 different territories including the US,UK and Canada with at least 31 games from 21 different publishers. Stadia able to stream 4K video with high dynamic range colors and 4K Streaming in Stadia you require an internet speed of at least 34MBPS

Stadia Google list of key games

You will play in Stadia

1 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, 2 Attack on Titan Final Battle ,3 Baldur’s Gate 3 , 4 Grid etc and the all games hosted on remote servers and video streamed to connect devices include smartphone, computers and TVs

Google Stadia how will it work

Stadia is a gaming service and you can purchased games then you can play games but the all games doesn’t download in your PC or Console you can play online the all games. Google Stadia connected multiple devices like phones, computers And Tv’s .you play the all games with on a remote.and the Google Stadia controller that connects to internet directly via Wi-,Fi than your device.but Iphone user doesn’t use Google Stadia because iPhone doesn’t support Goole Stadia and iPhone support is planned.

How To Play Stadia Games in Computer

A Stadia Games Play with on a remote. If you have a computer then you control the ganes with keyboard and mouse.

Stadia Releasing Date

The Stadia Was Available for Pre-order and it will ship on November 19. Stadia is a gaming Console and Stadia app available on Playstore.

How To Download Stadia App

First Open Your Playstore Then Search Stadia and Then Clcik On Stadia Logo App and click on Install button.

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